Beyond the Build: Business Factors Hurting the Bottom Line

Beyond the Build: Business Factors Hurting the Bottom Line

Roofing contractors have much more to worry about than just the build itself. Timelines, blueprints, scheduling, and customer service are only a few of the everyday challenges contractors balance. Yes, it’s hard to juggle all of these duties at once, but the business aspects of contracting are equally as important to the quality of the build, materials, and service. Let’s take a look at a few of the business factors that could be hurting your bottom line, that you might not consider vital to the success of your business, but are vital to future growth.


Although you didn’t necessarily sign up for it, running your own contracting business includes marketing your contracting business. Without effective marketing, you’re limited in terms of new customers, the scope of reach, and growth opportunities. It might not seem vital if you have enough business, why invest in marketing? The simple answer is competition. Your competitors are marketing through various channels. Gaining more business and outgrowing smaller contractors not utilizing marketing tactics. Depending on the structure of your business, you have choices for selecting the right approach for you. Internal management can be a strain on resources, if that’s true for you, you can invest in help from digital marketing firms at a variety of levels. If you do have the bandwidth for managing internally, be sure to utilize social media, email campaigns, and social advertising. For more information, learn more from our trusted advertising partner, No Time for Social.


Aside from your toolbelt and ladder, there is another must-have tool for a successful roofing contractor. A website. It might not seem important for a company getting started, but the more you grow, the more critical a well-designed website is for your sales process. Your website should act as a salesperson in and of itself. A bad website or no website at all is hurting your visibility, credibility, and leaving sales on the table. People search online, or through home service sites like Home Advisor, but that’s just the beginning. Through the vetting process, audiences expect your website to reflect the level of professionalism you’ll bring to the job.

Sales Funnel

On the topic of sales, how developed is your sales process? Another hat roofing contractors have to wear is the sales manager. Sure, you might have a dedicated sales team helping you manage clients and close deals, but how well developed is that process? For large-scale commercial projects, the sales process often takes time. Meet with your sales team and make sure all of your sales efforts are consistent with your business, mission, values, and level of quality. If your sales team can’t support your sales process, you’re missing out on top-tier business.


Your employees are the heartbeat of your business and are the front line of the service you provide. Customers expect professionalism in the work you perform and that starts with your team. Again, hiring was most likely not something you inherently signed on for when starting your contracting business, but your hiring decisions are crucial to your success. Invest time in the hiring process and consider your needs before growing too rapidly.

Thankfully, you’re not up against all of these business tasks on your own. There are plenty of resources to help make the most of your business, from construction to company management. At Catalyst, we seek out the best business partners to help contractors thrive, for more information on our trusted allies, visit their websites.