New Vendor Member

What is the Catalyst Group?

We are an alliance of like-minded vendors serving the contracting industry. The group is made up of companies that have a proven track record of providing some of the best products, services and customer care to our respective customer bases.  

This group is a “Do It Right” alliance industry think tank with the goal of collaborating and sharing ideas and solutions together with the contracting industry. The aim is to increase marketplace capabilities and help to drive business in this industry to new heights!

The Catalyst Group is structured as a 501C6 non-profit corporation. We are self-funded by our vendor members and free for contractors.

Why We Partnered

To Build a Vendor Alliance for Contractors that provides the best live and online educational opportunities, where the industry will decide who the best resources are. Allowing for a “best of breed” coalition of service provides to be a “business in a box” resource for contractors.


To create a community of contractors who, with the help of The Catalyst Group vendors, change the perception of consumers in a positive way for their industry as a whole. We desire to bring together ethical contractors with leading vendors of all niches to advance solutions in the marketplace.

Tenet of Alliance

  • SERVE – to serve the contractor’s best interest at all times.
  • CARE – care enough to do the right thing even at the cost of a customer to the Alliance.
  • ALIGNED – to put the interest of the contractor and The Catalyst Group first when working together.
  • RESPECT – to respect the contractor whether they are a client or not.
  • FUN – to have fun doing what we do together and with our contracting community.
  • COLLABORATION OVER CONFLICT – The Catalyst Group mandate is to represent each established services niche to the contracting industry. Our goal is to have at least 2-3 representative vendors from each services niche.

Compliance Requirements

  • Must always strive to meet and exceed The Catalyst Group’s Mission Statement.
  • Must hold fellow members in high regard.
  • Must never devalue other members’ products or services to other industry members or client base.
  • Must do no harm to The Catalyst Group’s reputation.
  • Must not actively recruit or seek to hire staff members from other The Catalyst Group vendor member organizations.
  • Must have a spirit of sharing in content and learning delivery that is collaborative with other The Catalyst Group vendor member companies.
  • Must be a stable business model with growth potential.
  • Must complete application process in full within allocated window.

Important Information

  • Once we receive your application, the membership committee will respond as soon as possible for acknowledgment and information.
  • Please note: The Catalyst Group has a quota of 2 organizations per business niche area at a time. In extreme cases, 3 organizations per niche at max.
  • Applications may be denied due to this reason only and not on the merit of your organization or people, which we know are great!
  • Open application periods to fill any open industry niche or new emerging industry niches can happen quarterly at The Catalyst Group. 
  • If there is determined to be no current openings in an industry niche, then the applying organization may be added to a waiting list for when there is an opening.
  • Organizations may also leave The Catalyst Group creating openings at any time.
  • The Catalyst Group annual calendar runs 7/1 – 6/30 of each year.
  • If approved. The current annual vendor membership dues to the self funded non-profit corporation are $4,000.00 per organization for 2022/2023.
  • Commit to attending most of The Catalyst Group events that are applicable for your Brand and location and strive to attend most conference calls (Monthly on the 4th Wednesday at 11:30am CT.)
  • Participate in supporting the alliance when called upon.
  • Participate in shaping The Catalyst Group by having an influential member of your organization able to serve on at least one of The Catalyst Group committees AND/OR The Catalyst Group board which will be elected annually by 7/15.