Strategy 19 Conference

Strategy 19 Conference

ContractorCoachPRO and the Catalyst Group will bring together thought leaders from across the industry to help contractors build and implement a winning strategy for 2019.

Our purpose is to “Coach Contractors to WIN!” We have been doing so for the last 5 years with amazing results. If you feel like you are not winning as a contractor, that you are stuck in a rut, or bumping up against a ceiling that is preventing you from growing your business into the dominant player you know it can be, take the next few minutes to learn how we have helped dozens of contractors break barriers using our 10 Strategies of the Contractors’ Gameplan to build their winning strategies.

Contractors face many challenges in today’s world. From managing your day to day operations to thinking about the future, the challenge can sometimes seem insurmountable.
Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done and are constantly putting out fires? That putting out these fires never stops, and you just can’t get ahead of it? Do you feel like this constant firefighting is preventing you from successfully growing your contracting business?
What if I told you that over the next year, by devising a solid strategy, we could help you put out all of your fires? Imagine what it would be like to work on your business instead of in it. To make use of your most valuable asset, time. Time to truly manage your business instead of it managing you. Time to spend with your family, time to go on that awesome vacation, time to buy that dream house you always wanted.


Conference Details

The Strategy 19 Conference event will be a 2-day event focused on owners and managers and helping them develop their strategies for 2019 taking place December 11th & 12th.

Venue Details

Our venue is at the Waterpoint Event Center in Montgomery, Texas. Lake Conroe is located just 30-40min North of Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH). It is a fantastic location for a variety of activities. There are 5 fantastic golf courses within 10 minutes of the venue as well as multiple dining options for our attendees. Additionally, The Woodlands Waterway is only a 20min drive to a multitude of dining and shopping options.

Waterpoint Event Center
15264 HWY 105 West, Montgomery, TX 77356

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about ContractorCoachPRO and our “Strategy 19 Conference”. You have taken the first step in the process of getting ahead of the game with your contracting business. The question is will you take the next step, then the one after that, and the one after that until you are running like a well-oiled machine too?



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